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Born in Brianza, the heart of craftsmanship and carpentry, she immediately developed a clear interest in the world of design and architecture. She inherited a deep knowledge and passion for the wood tradition and the art of carpentry from her family business.

After graduating from Politecnico di Milano, she shared work experiences with important brands in the sector. She collaborated as a leading interior designer with internationally renowned firms and architects on large projects.

She has worked in Italy and abroad, mainly in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bucharest, Astana, Almaty, Dubai, and London on luxury residences, commercial areas, hotels, and residences.

Ilenia takes care of the project in a timely manner, focusing on all its details from the structure to the decorations.

She has developed a particular interest in design, both for unique pieces intended for private clients and for collaborations with leading companies in the sector.

In 2021 she won the Archiproducts Awards with Flora, an armchair designed for Flou Spa.

She never forces her presence, but with a respectful sense of hospitality, she supports the surrounding environment by creating scenarios in which the client can feel a sense of belonging.

Everything is a source of inspiration for her. She considers detail as the element that gives birth to architecture, design, creativity, and everything that belongs to it. As a visual interior designer, she designs and runs exhibitions for various companies and showrooms, collaborating not only as a designer but also as a stylist and art director.

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